Computerized Pattern Making

We utilize the Gerber Accumark CAD system for all pattern making to ensure you get the most accurate pattern possible.  We will develop your initial pattern from either a sample or sketch/tech pack and then work with you on perfecting the fit to meet your desired needs.  Lastly, we make sure that your pattern is production ready to ensure there are no problems or issues once the factory receives your patterns.  In this way, we minimize the potential for problems at the factory level, where it counts most.

Pattern Grading

Once you have a perfected production pattern, we can perform grading on the pattern.  This is the process of taking your base size and creating the patterns for all the other sizes you wish to produce.  We can apply a standard grade to your garments, or if you prefer, we can work from your own specific set of measurements to customize the sizing of your product.  Using the Gerber Accumark system guarantees all your garments will come out with the correct sizing and measurments.

Pattern Markers

Once grading is completed, we can produce markers for the factory.  This is the process of laying all the pattern pieces within a specific fabric width in order to minimize fabric waste and create the most efficient cutting possible.  This saves you money on your finished produce, increasing your overall profit margins.

Production Consulting

We work with several factories, both domestic and international and can help you to source the labor needed to produce your products, from sampling through production.  Whether you are experienced in the apparel industry or not, our expertise in the field can be a great resource for your company.

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